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My daughter and I always had the desire to apply for scholarships but we needed this program to help us find the "right ones" and not waste our times on ones that seemed too good to be true. This program has wonderful guidelines and is very personal. My daughter just received a $3,000 scholarship this week that we did not even think she qualified for but pursued it anyways with the knowledge from this program.

Tracy Mother, Daughters now over $42,500, Oldest now has a free ride for sophomore year

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Here's a Sneak Peek of What is Inside

Module 1: Getting in the Money-Making Mindset

  • The only 2 reasons students fail at getting their college paid for (and most aren’t even aware that this happened to them).
  • How hanging out with friends can dramatically increase students’ success rate (and how some students have received more scholarships just from being with their friends.)

Module 2: College Funding 101

  • The one thing students must avoid to prevent being buried in debt for life (and the small change that will make all the difference.)
  • The nearly automated way to track the legitimate, easy scholarships (in fact, this single technique saved me up 20 hours each semester and takes only 30 seconds to implement.)

Module 3: The Hunt is On - Uncovering the Hidden Scholarships

  • The ONE THING to look for to eliminate fake, spam scholarships. (I admit, this secret is a little unique, but if your child follows my instructions, it works like gangbusters to secure tens of thousands of dollars.)
  • Is there a best time to apply for scholarships? (Here's my answer… It may shock you & your student but this could double the amount of scholarships your child receives.)
  • The ready-for-you cheat sheet to find 30+ scholarships in under an hour.

Module 4: Heating Up the Application

  • Which is better — Grades or Activities? (Of course, both. BUT, what's not so obvious is that focusing on the most common areas can actually hurt scholarship results. Here's what I suggest doing instead...)
  • The completely un-scientific (yet 100% accurate) way to instantly be seen as the top 1% of applicants for every single application. (It's astonishing how few students do this, yet it actually means less work and even students who have yet to get involved can do it.)

Module 5: Perfecting the Application

  • Word-for-word, the single most important 500 words to put in your applications. (Many evaluations show this commonly-skipped part of apps can be even MORE important than the essay prompts!)
  • The secret reason why amazing applications are now deleted in MASS today. (And the ONE 15-minute technique to make sure that your child’s application is instantly seen as one of the top candidates.)
  • According to our students, the #1 EASIEST way to write a winning essay they’ve ever experienced. (Believe it or not, your child’s brain WANTS them to write this way... and the judges’ brains WANT them to deliver the information in this exact format.)
  • A neurological discovery that lets even people who have never been good at writing write essays that get read and selected. (This is what lets students who detest writing almost effortlessly secure scholarships.)

Module 6: Bringing the Money In Year After Year

  • The strange thing I did that let me get an additional $13,000 for my sophomore year, $5,000 for studying in Spain, $15,000 my junior year and $10,000 my senior year.
  • The 5-minute technique students must do to make sure scholarships are renewed year after year. Students who forget to do this and miss out on thousands of dollars that they already won.
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Everything Your Student Needs In One Easy-to-Use Portal


    With only 6 hours of content, this course is boiled down to exactly what your student needs to know.


    This includes our scholarship tracker, college cost calculator, the Google Keyword Connector, Thank You template, involvement tracker & much more.


    While self-paced, we offer different options based on how quickly your student needs scholarships.


    With multiple coaches and other students to ask questions, share scholarships & advice.

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Hear from The Scholarship System Members

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“The Scholarship System has been a HUGE asset while learning how to apply for scholarships.  I am EXCITED to continue the System and am inspired to continue to apply for more scholarships to ultimately be DEBT FREE in 2020!!!  Thank you!   Thank you!   Thank you!!!”

Allyssa Student, $132,950 in Scholarships

"As a parent & as an experienced high school counselor, I appreciate your focused/practical approach to finding college funding."

Jerad Parent & High School Counselor

“I feel like I was spinning my wheels during my senior year and wasting time on applications that I had a low chance of winning.  Using The Scholarship System has opened the door for numerous previously hidden scholarships.  I have already identified twenty scholarships independent of the school. This system allows me to be more efficient with my time, helps me apply for more scholarships, and avoid student loans.”

Kelsey Student, $44,500 in Scholarships

"It paid off and about 80% of his college expenses are paid for. So far!"

Cathy Parent

"This program quickly taught me the ropes of finding and applying for scholarships, subsequently enabling me to do so independently--and without the stress and work I expected to endure. It didn’t become an enormous burden or annoyance by any means. In fact, it gave me peace of mind and the confidence I needed to successfully pursue funds for college. However, the benefits I received from participating in this program extend far beyond receiving money for my tuition. Because of this, I feel further prepared for taking on the real world and all of its responsibilities, as well as impressing a potential employer. The Scholarship System has proved to be an effective program--and its effects are perpetual."

Suzy Student, $112,500 in Scholarships

"The Scholarship System has been great in providing financial literacy for students getting ready for college. I think this is an invaluable tool! So many students getting ready for college really have no clue as to what the bottom line of an education really is. The Scholarship System really delves into the costs associated with going to school. It brings reality into the picture by addressing everyday expenses and much more. It helps students realize there is much more to factor in than they might have originally thought. I also like how the Scholarship System works so well to keep a student focused on their goals, time-frames and deadlines. It helps keep them organized and on track. This immensely helps the student work on their goals in the most efficient manner possible thus, being able to accomplish more. Being able to be more efficient lets a student pursue more opportunities.   I am currently using The Scholarship System for my son who will be a senior next year. We are using the "crunch time" schedule. I will use The System for my youngest that will be in eighth grade next year!"

Angela Parent


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconDo I have to purchase an additional membership for each child?

    No! We understand having multiple children is expensive so we decided to allow families to share one login. That means you simply purchase one membership and share that among your children.

    If you want one-on-one time for each child, that is something to consider when choosing your package level. We can split the one-on-one time among children as needed.

  • q-iconHow long does it take to complete The Scholarship System?

    The beauty of the course is that your child can take as much or as little time as they need. You get 12-months of access so your child can come back to it as many times as they want.

    Students generally report they were able to complete the course in 6 to 8 hours. The most successful students continue to implement the system for an hour or two per week throughout their scholastic career. Some schedule it like a regular class. They call it their “FREE MONEY LAB”.

  • q-iconWhat if we have questions throughout the process?

    We LOVE questions! There are plenty of ways you can get your questions answered. One of the best ways is to post it in their private members-only Facebook group where we have coaches, scholarship winners, professors and other students who can help. The second is to email us at Either way, you and your child can rest assured knowing that your questions will be answered. . .and quickly.

  • q-iconWe have already tried finding scholarships with no luck. How are you going to help?

    The Scholarship System has developed a unique process to uncovering hidden scholarships (with less competition.) We will teach your student how to use our method so they can find dozens of scholarships that they are actually eligible for. One of our students found 8 scholarships in only 1 hour using our method (and he wasn’t a believer before we taught him either). We also share a bunch of pre-vetted scholarships in our private members-only Facebook group.

  • q-iconMy child is already in college. Will The Scholarship System help them?

    Absolutely! The founder actually used this system to secure tens of thousands of dollars while IN COLLEGE. College students have an advantage because they’ve proven they are actually going through with the degree AND there is less competition. So in short, yes, a college student will absolutely benefit from this program.

  • q-iconMy child is very busy already. How can they handle this program on top of everything else?

    We know that students are extremely busy these days. The Scholarship System has pre-created schedules for students to follow so they do not get overwhelmed. The work can be completed in as little as 1-2 hours per week. Additionally, some students prefer a more accelerated path where they knock out much of the content and work in just a few days. For example, holiday breaks are actually a fantastic time for students to do this. Still, we say 25 hours per semester is plenty of time to be able to fully implement The Scholarship System.